Into the New Era

社名を株式会社ILI (正式名称:株式会社アイエルアイ) にアップグレードいたしましたことを、ここに報告申し上げます。
今後は、「Do the Right Thing」を新しい企業理念とし、インスティテュートと名付けたように、

I am pleased to announce that INTERLITERACY Inc.
has powered up to become INTER LITERACY INSTITUTE, or ILI Inc. for short.
With newly appointed corporate directors, increased capital investment,
and much preparation, we are finally ready to expand internationally.
With "Do the Right Thing" at the core of our new corporate philosophy,
creativity is the driving force behind our research and execution in fields
that span marketing, management, and business development, which inspired the naming of our “institute.”


We are currently faced with an era of uncertainty and instability.
This confusion, anxiety has been equally hard on both the younger generation and older workers,
taking its toll on their mental health.
Many people today want stability, scarred by the memories of Japan’s infamous bubble economy.
Some seek personal gain, and still, others have simply given up thinking anything will change, no matter how hard they work.
ILI exists to change the minds of these individuals and maximize their potential.
In doing so, we aim to maximize the potential of the Japanese companies where they work, and, in turn, maximize the potential of Japan itself.
A loss of individuality can cause people to question the significance of their very existence.
At ILI, people are given the chance to discover their potential and are encouraged to be—and to believe in—themselves.
We are firmly committed to doing the right thing, offering people opportunities to interact, improve, and give back to society.

社名 株式会社ILI (英文社名
本社 〒151-0053 東京都渋谷区代々木1-25-5-408
創業 2007年3月
代表取締役 グローバルビジネスプロデューサー|MBA
杉山 大輔
Tel / Fax 03-6868-5624 (代表) / 03-6868-5628
資本金 50,000,000円
事業内容 - WEBマーケティングの企画実施、独自アドネットワーク広告の運用、リスティング等のSEM広告の運用
- ビジネスプロデュース
- 最適なアウトプットのための課題解決・立案・実行 (DO)
免許 有料職業紹介 許可番号:13-ユ-313590
宅地建物取引業 東京都知事(1)第106609
企業理念 Do the Right Thing
取引銀行 三菱東京UFJ銀行 渋谷中央支店
三井住友銀行 渋谷支店
みずほ銀行 渋谷支店
沿革 2004 有限会社クリエイティングコミュニケーションズ Visual Creation事業部として発足
2007 事業拡大に伴い、株式会社インターリテラシーを東京都渋谷区に設立
2020 社名変更
Company ILI. Inc.
Location 1-25-5-408 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
Establishment March 2007
Board Member Founder/CEO Daisuke Sugiyama | Global Business Producer, MBA
Tel / Fax +81-3-6868-5624 / +81-3-6868-5628
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Business Contents - Planning and implementation of web marketing, operation of original ad network advertisements, operation of SEM advertisements such as listings, etc.
- Business production
- Problem solving, planning, and execution for optimal output (DO)
License Paid employment placement business permission 13-Yu-313590
Real estate business No.1-106609 issued by the Governor of Tokyo.
Corporate philosophy Do the Right Thing
Bank The Bank of MUFG
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank
History 2004: Began as the Visual Information Unit of Creating Communications
2007: Established INTERLITERACY Inc. in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to serve expanding business
2020: Powered up organization to due to business expansion